200W LED spot water wave light

Номи маҳсулот: WATER WAVE LIGHT 200
Модели №: MJ-2W01


200W spot water wave light It is a high-performance cultural tourism product independently developed by Yijia LightingThis product uses exquisite die-cast aluminum high-performance heat dissipation chassis and equipped with a fan cooling system,make led with long life. This product uses a 200W imported white LED lamp bead, Have 5 colors, it can be used flexibly, showing a beautiful rainbow flowing water effect. The 200Wspot water light uses two water pattern effect plates, Make the water wave effect better. This light is widely used for cultural tourism markets, theme parks, characteristic towns, real-life performances, bridges and piers, etc.

Тафсилоти маҳсулот



  • Системаи оптикӣ
  1. Манбаи нур: 1pcs imported light source 200W LED module
  2. Colour temperature: 7500K
  3. Умри LED: 50,000 hours lamp life, low power consumption
  4. 16000LM luminous flux
  5. 20°/30°/45°/60° beam angle optional
  • Таъсири динамикӣ
  1. Manual focus
  2. 0-100% smooth linear dimming
  3. 1-25 times/sec high-speed strobe effect
  4. 1 color wheel (5 colors + white light), the color is rainbow flowing water effect magenta, green, blue, light yellow, light blue, sky blue, orange red
  5. 2 water wave effect discs, water wave speed adjustable
  • Назорат ва барнома
  1. LCD color display, with 4 touch buttons, screen protection, screen flip, Chinese and English bilingual menu can be switched.
  2. Протокол: DMX512,RDMaster and slave, built-in automatic program control
  3. Каналҳои назоратӣ: 6 Ч.
  4. Light source overheat protection
  5. Die-cast aluminum high thermal conductivity chassis
  6. Natural cooling + fan cooling system
  • Мушаххасоти барқӣ ва пайвастагиҳо
  1. Таъмини нерӯ: Electronic auto-ranging
  2. Шиддати вуруд: AC100-240 V, 50/60 Ҳз
  3. Истеъмоли қувваи барқ: 220В.
  4. Waterproof rubber cord 3-core M23 threaded power input and output
  5. Waterproof rubber wire 3-core M17 threaded signal input and output
  • Муҳити корӣ
  1. Ҳарорати муҳити атроф: -20℃ ~ + 45 ℃ (-4℉ ~ + 113 ℉)
  2. Синфи муҳофизат: IP65
  • Тасдиқҳо
  1. ИН & РОҲС
  2. Агар ягон шаҳодатномаи дигар талаб карда шавад, лутфан бо мо тасдиқ кунед
  • Андозаҳои маҳсулот ва бастабандӣ
  1. Маҳсулот: 375*285*265мм (14.8*11.2*10.4 дюйм)
  2. Картон: 510 (L)*365(В.)*270(H)мм (20*14.3*10.6 дюйм)
  3. Вазни холис: 11 кг (24.2 фунт)
  4. Вазни умумӣ: 12.5 кг (27.5 фунт)
  • Феҳрасти бастабандӣ
  1. WATER WAVE LIGHT 200 Дастури корбар
  2. Сими барқ
  • Лавозимоти иловагӣ
  1. Парвандаи парвоз: 6pcs in 1
  2. Тазиқи
  3. Ресмони бехатарӣ
  4. Сим DMX

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