Disco 8 Eyes LED Spider Moving Head Light

Thuhuu ar producto:SPIDER MOVING 4IN1

Model No.:MJ-1031


SPIDER MOVING HEAD has a stronger function than MJ-1028. The X-axis can be rotated so that the effect is more brilliant. With a strong beam effect, flexible swing rotation. The lamp has 8PCS 10W 4in1 CREE LED. Each LED is a pixel unit that can be controlled separately; 8 magical beams can also be converted constantly swinging. MJ-1031 offers 10 kinds of default pixel macro functions to create amazing from slow and fast-flowing water effects. Meanwhile, 10 kinds of built-in self-propelled procedures, simple operation can be invoked, the effect is outstanding. With 540 Pan and 145 ° Tilt smooth rotation, the product greatly improving performance, broader application. This is a simple, portable system, the bottom provides two positions for fast-lock, easy to install, the product is especially suitable for bar, DJ, night clubs, small concerts, stage and so on. It is reputed as a new generation of bar entertainment artifacts.

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  • Modelos opcionales
Modelo hi'nä. Fuente ar tsibi Emitting Color DMX Channel
MJ-1031A 8PCS 10W white LED White 14/20Ch
MJ-1031B 8PCS 10W LED
(2pcs Red, 2pcs Green, 2pcs Blue, 2pcs White)
RGBW 14/20Ch
MJ-1031C 8PCS 10W 4in1 LED RGBW 4IN1 18/45Ch


  • Ko óptico
  1. Fuente ar tsibi: 8PCS 10W 4in1 LED(RGBW)
  2. Nzaki útil ar LED: 50,000 Ya ora
  3. Angulo viga: 2°
  • Efectos dinámicos
  1. Pixel control: 8 pixel (each LED as a pixel), individually controllable
  2. Amazing streaming effect
  3. Multiple interlocking beam effect
  4. 10 kinds of inset built-in programs
  5. 8 kinds of default pixel macro function
  6. 0-100% atenuador electrónico
  7. Obturador: 18 times/s strobe, plus strobe
  • Control ne Programa
  1. LCD display with English menu
  2. Nthuts'i nkoh: DMX512, maestro-esclavo, control ya nzu̲nt'i, Automático
  3. Canales control: 18/45 Ch
  4. Resolución 'nar thuhme yá Tilt: 16 escaneo za̲tho tx'u̲tho
  • Yá 'ñäni
  1. Yá 'ñäni 'nar thuhme: 540°
  2. Yá 'ñäni ya inclinación: 145°
  3. Escaneado ar memoria ar nt'o̲t'e
  4. Corrección automática ja panorámica yá inclinación
  • Especificaciones ne conexiones eléctricas
  1. Fuente alimentación: Lastres electrónicos ne ar cambio
  2. Tensión entrada: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  3. Consumo energía: 120 W
  4. Entrada yá salida ya conector alimentación: IEC
  5. Entrada yá salida ya conector datos: 3-pin XLR
  6. 1PC 1/4 bloqueo rápido
  • Housing
  1. Head: Aluminum cooling system, no noise
  2. Bottom: Low-noise fan cooling system
  • Entorno ar 'be̲fi
  1. Tsoxpa ambiente: -20•C da + 45oC (-4•F + 113 oF)
  2. 'Mui 'ba̲ts'i: IP20
  • Aprobaciones
  1. Ce & RoHS
  2. Nu'bu̲ da requieren ya certificados, confirmar ko ngekagihe Jaki ar mäte
  • Dimensiones ar producto ne ar embalaje
  1. Producto: 395*230*235Mm (15.6*9.1*9.3 pulgada)
  2. Cartón: 465*320*290Mm (18.3*12.6*11.4 pulgada)
  3. Be̲xu neto: 7.5 Kg (16.5 Libras)
  4. Be̲xu bruto: 8.4 Kg (18.5 Libras)
  • Nthuts'i embalaje
  2. Manual instrucciones
  3. Cable alimentación
  4. 3-Conectores XLR ar pin
  • Accesorios opcionales
  1. Ar nt'ot'e di nsa̲ni
  2. Abrazadera
  3. Cuerda nsu
  4. Cable DMX

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Cable DMX Cuerda nsu
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