Long Battery Life 12pcs LED Wireless Flat Par Light




WIRELESS BATTERY PAR 12 led flat par light is designed for indoor event lighting. The products has three versions available. WIRELESS BATTERY PAR 12 has 12pcs 18W 6IN1 LED beads. It has built-in Li-ion battery and 2.4G wireless DMX, full color can run 4 horis, color running up to 12 horis, full charge need 6 horis. This product has two kinds of channel modes and it is easy to use. Products can be applied to the wedding party, theater, casino, shopping centers and so on.

Product Detail



  • Optional Models
Model No. Power Light
Wireless Remote WiFi
MJ-3118B 180W 12*15W 5in1 5/9 CH × ×
MJ-3118C 216W 12*18W 6in1 6/10 CH × ×
MJ-3118D 180W 12*15W 5in1 5/9 CH
MJ-3118E 216W 12*18W 6in1 6/10CH

Ratio optical

  1. lux fons: 12pcs high brightness LED
  2. LED life expectancy: 50,000 – 80,000 horis
  3. lens angle: 25° (45° optional)

Effectus dynamic

1.0-100% lineae aequales ratio albugines

2.Lorem: 1-18 tempora / sec summus celeritate strobe, Populus Novifacta Quotidiana celeritas

Li-ion Rechargable Battery

1.Approval: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

2.Capacity: 19,800 MA

3.Deep cycle: 800 times

4.Charging time: 6 horis

5.Running time: all on 8 horis, auto program 15 horis, single color up to 60 horis

Imperium et Program

1.3-switches for wireless, charger and power control

2.4-buttons LCD display

3.protocol: 2.4GHz DMX512, dominus servum,, sonus imperium, auto programs

Contrahentes et electrica Specification

1.potentia copia: Li-ion battery powered

2.input intentione: AC 90-240 V, 50-60 HZ, auto ranging

3.COPULATOR in potestate / e: IEC standard

4.Data apud iungo / e: 3-pin XLR

Situs laboris

1.Ambientium, temperatus: -25XLV ℃ ℃ ~ + (-13CXIII ~ ℉ ℉)

2.gradus praesidio: IP20


1.HIC, RoHS, MSDS for battery

2.Si quis alius testimonium non requiratur, confirmare placeat

Product et sarcina Dimensiones

1.Product: 300*120*275 mm (11.8*4.7*10.8 inch)

2.Box: 340*170*330 mm (13.4*6.7*13.0 inch)

3.Net pondus: 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)

4.crassa pondus: 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)

5.carton (6pcs-in-1): 590*510*300mm, 36kg (23.2*20.1*11.8 inch, 79.4lbs)

Sarcina album

1.Wireless battery par 12

2.user manual

3.Power cable

libitum Books

1.Charging case: 6/8pcs-in-1


3.funem salutem

4.DMX wire

5.Wireless receiver


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