8 Head 10W 4in1 Spider Beam Moving Head

Product Name:SPIDER 4IN1

Model No.:MJ-1028


SPIDER 4IN1, with double row and four head, known as the new generation of bar entertainment artifact. The lamp uses 8PCS 10W import 4IN1 led with superior beam effect function, flexible swing rotation. Each LED is a pixel unit that can be controlled separately. 8 magical beams can also be converted constantly swinging. MJ-1028 offers eight kinds of default pixel macro functions to create an amazingly slow and fast-flowing water effect. Meanwhile, eight kinds of programs built a self-propelled procedure, simple operation can be called outstanding. With ultra-smooth 145 ° vertical rotation, the product greatly improving performance and broader application. This is a simple, portable system, the bottom provides two positions for fast-lock, easy to install. The product is especially suitable for bar, DJ, night clubs, small concerts, stage and so on.

Product Detail



  • Optional Models
Model No. Light Source Emitting Color DMX Channel
MJ-1028A 8PCS 10W white LED White
MJ-1028B 8PCS 10W LED
(2pcs Red, 2pcs Green, 2pcs Blue, 2pcs White)
MJ-1028C 8PCS 10W 4in1 LED RGBW 4IN1 10/36CH


  • Ratio optical
  1. lux fons: 8PCS 10W 4in1 LED(RGBW)
  2. DUXERIT timeo: 50,000 horis
  3. Beam angle: 2°
  • Effectus dynamic
  1. Pixel control: 8 pixel (each LED as a pixel), individually controllable
  2. Amazing streaming effect
  3. Multiple interlocking beam effect
  4. 12 kinds of built-in default program and easy to operate
  5. 8 kinds of default pixel macro function
  6. 0-100% electronic dimmer
  7. Lorem: 18 times/s strobe, plus strobe
  • Imperium et Program
  1. LED display with English menu
  2. protocol: DMX512, dominus servum,, sonus imperium, Auto
  3. Control channels: 10/36 CH
  4. Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit smooth scanning
  • Movement
  1. Pan movement: 540°
  2. Tilt movement: 145°
  3. Scanning position memory
  4. Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
  • Contrahentes et electrica Specification
  1. potentia copia: Electronic ballasts and switching
  2. input intentione: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 HZ
  3. Potentia consummatio: 100 W
  4. COPULATOR in potestate / e: IEC
  5. Data apud iungo / e: 3-pin XLR
  6. 1PC 1/4 fast locking
  • Housing
  1. Head: Aluminum cooling system, no noise
  2. Bottom: Low-noise fan cooling system
  • Situs laboris
  1. Ambientium, temperatus: -20XLV ℃ ℃ ~ + (-4CXIII ~ ℉ ℉)
  2. gradus praesidio: IP20
  • approbationes
  1. HIC & ROHS
  2. Si quis alius testimonium non requiratur, confirmare placeat
  • Product et sarcina Dimensiones
  1. Product: 440*235*150mm (17.3*9.3*5.9 inch)
  2. carton: 470*320*245mm (18.5*12.6*9.6 inch)
  3. Net pondus: 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs)
  4. crassa pondus: 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
  • Sarcina album
  1. SPIDER 4IN1
  2. user manual
  3. Power cable
  4. 3-pin XLR connectors
  • libitum Books
  1. fuga causa
  2. Fibulae
  3. funem salutem
  4. DMX wire

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