• Notification of LOGO change

    Dear customers and friends,   Hello everyone, in order to further improve the company's corporate image, establish an industry brand, improve brand influence and competitiveness, and enhance the visual effect of the brand LOGO, our company designed and registered a new LOGO.   The new version of the brand LOGO will be launched from now on, the company's original LOGO will be phased out. NEW LOGO: OLD LOGO: MEGA LED LIGHTING LIMITED 2020.04.18  
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  • Website update notice

    Thank you for your constant attention to the MEGA PRO LITES website. For better user experience, the MEGA PRO LITES website will be revised and upgraded from now on. Some product information was not uploaded in time during the update, which caused inconvenience to your inquiry and reading, please forgive me!       MEGA LED LIGHTING LIMITED 2020.04.18
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  • Use of stage lighting system and peripheral equipment

    1. Various lamp control modes Spotlight, return light, sky and earth row light, imaging light, etc. are controlled by dimming table; Computer lamp and dye lamp are controlled by computer lamp console; Adjustable three primary color soft light (cold light) is controlled by dimming table; The non adjustable three primary color soft light (cold light) is controlled by the cold light control panel; The color changer is controlled by the color changer console (now basically eliminated). 2. Principle of dimmer There is a main flux regulator (commonly known as "main push") to regulate the overall level of the whole system. Each lamp is equipped with an independent regulator (commonly known as "split push") for monomer regulation. 3. What are the…
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  • How to choose and match the stage lighting equipment with various functions

    Stage lighting is divided into surface light, ear light, top light, column light, side light, row of heaven and earth, foot light, etc. according to layout and use. The surface light is installed above the stage curtain, mainly to the performance area at the front of the stage, highlighting the figure modeling or forming the three-dimensional effect of the objects on the stage, usually using the beam light and return light. The earphones are installed outside the stage curtain on the left and right sides close to the entrance of the stage. The light is projected from the side to the stage performance area, which is similar to the surface light, and it is crossed to the stage on the…
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  • Do you know the origin and development history of stage lighting equipment

    A stage lighting change of stage lighting equipment, in essence, is a stage lighting turning point. In the whole process of scientific research on stage lighting, in addition to caring about the change point of stage lighting, we should pay more attention to connecting the beginning and end of each event of this stage lighting change point, and the sense of rhythm promoted by stage lighting generated by this continuous change. As a detailed theatrical performance, there are all relatively independent and interrelated stage lighting changes, and the stage lighting designers pay special attention to the beginning and end of each change. Since the beginning and end of stage lighting are the important stage lighting design related to the two…
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