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1.Product since the purchase date of the one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
2.Once the Protect to warranty card or purchasing invoice has been changed, the protection to fix immediately expired.
3.Consumable fragile(such as bulb、optic、reflection cup and so on)no warranty。
4.Warranty term: 1 year. Offer the free spare parts, one-year free maintenance excluding natural disaster(flood, lightning, fire…) and human operation mistake damage.
•Do not frequent switching power supply,This will seriously affect the life of the product!               
•Do not open the lid during product use,Prohibit touch the product of internal control chip by hand ,to prevent electrostatic Breakdown Inter-Integrated Circuit!
•Replacement product accessories must be of the same type with the specifications!
•Do not contact wrong power cord and DMX cable!  
•Can be installed anywhere in a dry room, but not for a long time exposure, avoid high temperature, humid, dusty places!

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