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BEAMSPOT 280 more powerful than Beam Spot230, it also has a spot, beam, wash three functions. The moving lights using a 280W projection lamp, its output can be comparable with the 1500W searchlights, uniform and smooth light output equivalent to highly saturated palette. It also equipped with a mirror implant, providing the perfect lighting calibration, quiet and fast. Provides a comprehensive supplement for professional lighting, including 14 kinds of colors, 17 fixed pattern, nine rotating pattern; a rotating 3-facet prism; atomization; linear mechanical focus; strobe light close at different speeds; 0-100% mechanical dimmer; 400W power consumption and beam angle of 4.8°(beam mode) and 20°(spot mode). Small size, light weight, easy to transport, is a suitable for live performances, TV, shows, stage and concert performance lamps.
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Arclite MHD9R280 280W projection lamp
4.8-20° beam angle
1 color wheel, 14 colors + white
Bi-directional rainbow effect, speed adjustable
1 rotating gobo wheel , 9 rotating gobo + white
1 fixed gobo wheel , 17 fixed gobo + white
Bi-directional speed adjustable Gobo rotation
Gobo size: An outer diameter is 14mm, inner diameter is 10mm
Gobo overlay function
Gobo zoom function
Color half step function
A rotating 3-facet prism, adjustable speed, bi-directional rotation
Rotating gobo/rotating prism combinations macro function
Double leaf mechanical dimming system
Stroboscopic effect, the speed is adjustable
Zoom function
540°Pan scanning, 270°Tilt scanning
Pan/Tilt Scan position memory function, automatic reset after unexpected movement
16 -bit precision smooth Pan/Tilt rotation
Fast, quiet and precise Pan/Tilt positioning
MIB light off function
LED display
16CH/17CH/25CH international DMX512 channels
DMX, stand-alone, master-slave , voice mode
Cooling fan system
Electronic ballasts and switching power supply
2pcs 1/4 fastening Omega Clamps
Powercon power plug input
3-Pin XLR connector input/output
5-Pin XLR connector input/output
Input Voltage: AC100-240V,50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W
Lamp Beads: Aritile MHD9R280 280W projection lamp
Control Signal: DMX 512, Master-slave, Voice, Self-propelled
Control Channels: 16CH,17CH,25CH 
Net Weight : 18.5kg
Gross Weight : 23.5kg
Product Dimensions :400(L)*330(W)*580(H)mm
Package Size : 670(L)*420(W)*440(H)mm
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